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En tant que correspondant de l'EDRi je vous remonte cette demande de signature pour la FFDN --- Tl;DR: Requesting support from EDRI and individual members to sign letter re: proposed UN Cybercrime Treaty. Sessions start earlier next year, January 9th, and we will be collecting signatures through the holidays till January 6th. Letter below or attached in .pdf and .odt. Pls send signatures to me or to un-cybercrime-convention@eff.org Background info. We are requesting your support in calling UN Member Stats to ensure a human right by design approach and strong procedural safeguards in the proposed International Convention on Countering the Use of Information and Communication Technologies for Criminal. The UN Cybercrime Convention is a proposed treaty that aims to tackle cybercrime threats through greater regulation of online content, international cooperation, and increased national and cross-border access to potential digital evidence by law enforcement authorities. Many States have voiced the importance of protecting human rights throughout the process, echoing earlier calls by civil society to make this a central priority in the drafting phase. However, the number of provisions in the current draft that are inconsistent with international human rights law – including the rights to freedom of expression, assembly and association, and to privacy – as well as the lack of procedural safeguards, is alarming. Ahead of the fourth session of the Ad Hoc Committee in January 2023, EFF, Privacy International, Human Rights Watch, Access Now and other groups are asking that States truly prioritize human rights by ensuring provisions are not overbroad and remain in line with State obligations under international human rights law, as well as ensuring the development and implementation of robust human rights safeguards --- CNDletter-14.12.2022.pdf: https://cloud.aquilenet.fr/s/dp3Q692ZSMfiTgs CNDletter-14.12.2022.odt: https://cloud.aquilenet.fr/s/QDNdks6XE9xHNPD